Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative – Pay It Forward with InsPol

At InsPol, we believe in more than just providing quality insurance; we are deeply committed to creating a positive impact in our community. Our Pay It Forward (PIF) initiative is a testament to that commitment.


Saving on Premiums, Spreading Kindness

Choose to be a part of our movement towards kindness and generosity. InsPol offers you an option to receive a discount on your first-year premium when you purchase insurance through our dedicated agents. Alternatively, you may opt to skip the discount and receive extra PIF cards instead. These cards not only represent additional support for our cause, but also offer you a way to spread goodwill to others.

The PIF Card: A Symbol of Kindness

A PIF card is more than just a card; it’s a tangible embodiment of our initiative. We distribute PIF cards during corporate events, customer purchases, and community outreach programs. When you receive a PIF card, we encourage you to perform an act of kindness or generosity towards another person, who could be the next insured individual in line for a discount on their premium.

Once you’ve extended your act of kindness, pass on the PIF card to the recipient. This not only reminds them of your goodwill but also inspires them to continue the chain of kindness by paying it forward.

Share Your PIF Journey

We encourage all our participants to share their PIF stories on social media using our designated hashtag #INSPOLPIF or by tagging InsPol’s Facebook page. You can also leave a comment on our PIF post. Your stories not only help spread awareness about our initiative, but they also inspire others to join our movement.

Keeping the Momentum Going

At InsPol, we believe in nurturing this culture of compassion continuously. To keep you engaged in our PIF initiative, we will send periodic reminders about the importance of passing on the kindness. We will also provide updates, newsletters, or incentives to encourage your ongoing acts of kindness.

Creating a Ripple Effect of Kindness

The PIF initiative at InsPol is more than a campaign; it’s a shift towards a culture of compassion. By distributing PIF cards, we encourage individuals to take small actions that can significantly impact others’ lives. We believe in creating a chain reaction of kindness that goes beyond the insured, reaching out to the larger community and making the world a better place.

Join us in our mission. Be a part of the PIF initiative. Spread the kindness, and make a difference with InsPol.

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